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White-label Basic and White-label Pro

All our plans come with White-label Basic. This mean you can set your company name and logo and even a custom subdomain.

But you can white-label one step further. Plans starting from Plan M have White-label Pro available. Instead of setting the white-label for all your preview pages, you can set your name, logo, and custom subdomain per client. This is perfect feature when your clients desire different branding. If you’re a designer working for multiple agencies or if you’re working at an agency and you’d like to customize the preview page for your main clients, this feature will help you out.

Also, White-label Pro allows you to set your own primary color per white-label.

How to enable White-label Pro?

First, make sure you have Plan M or higher. Click White-labels from the main menu. This will give you an overview of the existing white-labels. At least your current account is shown. You can simple add a white-label by using the button ‘Add white-label’.

When you have added a white-label, you will find a drop-down every time you create a client. This will give you the control about your white-label per client.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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