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Your first campaign: step by step

Great! You’re only 1 minute away from your first created campaign and related preview page. Click the button ‘Upload’ from the menu and follow the steps below. You will be guided through all the steps to create your first campaign, upload the files, and get the preview page you can share with your client.

Step 1: Upload files

Select to create a new client. If this is your first time and you don't have any client in your account, 'New client' might be selected by default for you.

Client: Enter the name of the new client
Team members with access: What team members are involved for this client? Team members will receive email notifications. If you don't have any team members invited yet, this option won't be visible.
Campaign: Enter the name of the campaign you are going to upload files for

Step 2: Upload files

Click in the area to open your file browser, or drop your files. You can upload image files (like .gif, .png or .jpg), HTML5-ads as a zip-file, and video files (like .mp4 and .webm). You can upload them all together in 1 bulk zip-file or as separate files. The Smart Uploader will do the work for you.

After uploading your files, you see the files listed. Feel free to change the name of the file or even delete files you don’t need.

You can select the file size optimization in the dropdown at the bottom of the page. Optimizing the PNG and/or JPG files makes your file sizes smaller without losing quality.

Step 3: Page setup

View settings: The preview page can show all files in a grid view, in a row from left to right, a column from top to bottom, or enables only one-by-one viewing. If your campaign contains a lot of file or with heavy animation, please consider 'Only single' to prevent slow loading on the preview page.

Preview banners on website: Are you uploading banner ads? What is an ad without the context? Select a website (or multiple websites) you would like to preview your banners on. Your clients can easily preview their ads on those specific sites.

Step 4: Page settings

Comments on files: Enable this to let anyone leave a comment on your files. Your client can easily click on a specific element on your file and leave a comment.
Files download: Enable this to let users download all files from the preview page into a single zip-file.
Files approval: Enable this to show a button ‘Approve’ on the preview page. Your client can use this to let you know the files on the preview page are agreed and approved.
Password protected: Every preview page will get an unique URL. Are your ads top secret? Set a password, so that password is required to view the preview page.

Step 5: Ready

Well done! Your first preview page is created and ready to use. View the preview page and click the button ‘Share’ on the right top to share with your client.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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