Keep track of all events
Who did what? Did my client receive that email notification? Track everything that’s happened on your preview page. History Tracking is here to help you.

Track all actions: All actions applied to your files and preview pages are recorded. Keep full history of all actions.
Notification insights: Who received an email notification when you uploaded a new file? Easily track all email notifications.
Fully integrated: The add-on is fully integrated within the platform and gives you all data the moment you need.

What are the costs for this add-on?
The price of the this add-on starts from $9 per month and is dependent on the plan you are subscribed to:
Small plan: $9/mo
Medium plan: $19/mo
Large plan: $24/mo
XL and higher plans: $29/mo
With this pricing it fairly reflects the usage of the platform and the possible usage of the add-on.

Do I pay per month or per year?
The billing period of the add-on will be similar with the billing period of your plan, and both will be on the same invoice.

Get this add-on
Subscribe to add-on
Login into your account, move to the Add-ons page and enable the right add-on. You will immediately get access to the features.

Which team members can enable this add-on?
As enabling an add-on influences your billing, only admins within your account can enable and disable add-ons.
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