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Add-on: History Tracking

See a detailed history of all your Adpiler campaigns

When you’re designing ads in a large team, keeping track of your campaigns can be tough. Remembering which colleague is dealing with which client request is enough to make your head spin!😕

So if you’ve ever lost track of what’s happening with your files, you’ll love our History Tracking add-on.

It records every action on your design work, right from the moment you create a preview.

The add-on lets you:
See who uploaded, deleted, or changed a file
Find out who approved your designs (and when)
Check whether clients received email notifications

It’s a fool-proof way to confirm what happened with your campaigns, without searching through old emails or Slack conversations.

Add it to your Adpiler account to get a clearer view of your design campaigns!🙌


Track all actions: All actions applied to your files and preview pages are recorded. Keep full history of all actions.
Notification insights: Who received an email notification when you uploaded a new file? Easily track all email notifications.
Fully integrated: The add-on is fully integrated within the platform and gives you all data the moment you need.


What are the costs for this add-on?
The price of the this add-on starts from $9 per month and is dependent on the plan you are subscribed to:
Small plan: $9/mo
Medium plan: $19/mo
Large plan: $24/mo
XL and higher plans: $29/mo
With this pricing it fairly reflects the usage of the platform and the possible usage of the add-on.

Do I pay per month or per year?
The billing period of the add-on will be similar with the billing period of your plan, and both will be on the same invoice.

Get this add-on

Subscribe to add-on
Login into your account, move to the Add-ons page and enable the right add-on. You will immediately get access to the features.

Which team members can enable this add-on?
As enabling an add-on influences your billing, only admins within your account can enable and disable add-ons.

Updated on: 30/11/2021

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