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Free up time with HTML5 backup automation

If you’ve been working with ad campaigns for a while, you know that some web browsers won’t render your HTML5 files. That means that some web visitors won’t see your banners unless you create a backup image and upload it to the ad server.

….as if your to-do list wasn’t long enough already! 😞

But instead of spending time creating backup images, why not let Adpiler’s Image Generator Add-on do it for you? When you upload an HTML5 file, it automatically creates a static image file of the last frame, saving it as a JPG or PNG.

You spend less time generating backup images, so you’re free to focus on creative tasks (or finish early for the day).


In a few minutes: The Image Generator creates in just a few minutes all backup images for your complete ad set.
Use any HTML5 ad: This add-on accepts all HTML5 elements you are used to upload to Adpiler. Integrates smoothly with your current workflow.
Save as PNG or JPG: Easily export your newly created fallback / backup image as JPG or PNG file. Add to any preview page you like.


What are the costs for this add-on?
The price of the this add-on starts from $9 per month and is dependent on the plan you are subscribed to:
Small plan: $9/mo
Medium plan: $19/mo
Large plan: $24/mo
XL and higher plans: $29/mo
With this pricing it fairly reflects the usage of the platform and the possible usage of the add-on.

Do I pay per month or per year?
The billing period of the add-on will be similar with the billing period of your plan, and both will be on the same invoice.

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Which team members can enable this add-on?
As enabling an add-on influences your billing, only admins within your account can enable and disable add-ons.

Updated on: 30/11/2021

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