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How to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

'Two-Factor Authentication’ is a feature which allows you to protect your Adpiler account with an additional level of security. Also known as 2FA, this technology enables you to keep all your data safe while preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to your account.

How to enable 2FA in your account?‎‎
Go to your Profile page and select Two-factor Authentication from the left menu. Download any Authenticator application on your smartphone or tablet such as Google Authenticator (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) or Authenticator (Windows Phone).
Before completing the 2FA setup process, you will receive 8 recovery codes which can be used to login and disable 2FA on your account if you lose your phone. You need to download these codes and keep them in a secure place.
With this feature, you can log into your Adpiler account securely by entering the unique code generated by your Authenticator app in addition to your username and password.

You can keep using your account without 2FA, but we recommend to enable 2FA to add this extra layer of security to your account.

Updated on: 30/11/2021

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