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Team management and roles

User roles

Adpiler plans come with unlimited team members. So feel free to invite your team members. Go to Team management from the user menu to manage the users in your account. Only owners and admins will have this option in the menu. If you don't have this option, please ask an admin in your account to do so.

The user that created the account is the owner of the account. Next to ‘Owner’ we have 3 different roles:

An user with role ‘User’ has only access to the clients where he’s a team member.

A manager have access to all clients and ad sets, regardless he’s team member or not.

An admin have access to all clients and ad sets. Next to that, an admin is able to use User management, Billing settings, and Subscriptions. An admin has same rights as an owner.

Team members

All users from a company account can be attached to a client as a team member. Although admins and managers will have access to that client anyway, only team members will receive email notifications about new comments, campaign updates, and approvals. In case of the role ‘User’, being a team member is essential to have access to client and their comments.

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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