Forget all the emails sending back and forth from and to your client. Your client can easily leave a comment ón the ad.

How to enable comments?

You have the option: do you allow comments from your client or don’t you? It’s enabled by default, but you can switch it off for every particular preview page

How to handle comments on animations?

We’ve got you covered. You want to know on what part of the animation the user is commenting? That’s why the comments are time-based comments

How to manage all comments?

All comments from all clients… it could be a lot. That’s why we’ve built an interface to manage all comments. Login to Adpiler and go to your Comments screen

How to resolve comments and update ads?

You’re on a mission and trying to resolve all feedback from your client. You can easily mark a comment as resolved by checking the corresponding checkbox.

But only marking the comment as resolved is mostly not enough. You want to show your client your updated ad. Simply go to your preview page, and click on ‘Update files’ on the top right corner. You can upload your ads as new ads or you can overwrite the existing ad. As easy as that.
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