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Commenting on preview pages

Forget all the emails sending back and forth from and to your client. Your client can easily leave a comment ón the ad.

How to enable comments?

Comments are by default enabled. If enabled, all users can leave a comment on a preview page. Team members can login with their own email to leave a comment. Clients just need to identify themself with a name and email.

To enable or disable comments on the preview page, move on the platform to the corresponding campaign. Click on the right top on 'Page settings' and use the toggle to enable or disable commenting.

How to handle comments on animations?

We’ve got you covered. You want to know on what part of the animation the user is commenting? That’s why the comments are time-based comments.

How to manage all comments?

All comments from all clients… it could be a lot. That’s why we’ve built an interface to manage all comments. On the platform move to the main section 'Comments' to manage all comments from your clients.

Updated on: 19/07/2021

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