Your preview pages are, by default, running on You can change to your own custom domain

Why not using HTTPS?

In general we advise you to use HTTPS for your preview pages. Only in the case of HTML5 ads, you have to make sure that all requests from your own files to external servers are to HTTPS-servers. If you use HTTPS for your preview page, but you uploaded an HTML5 ad with unsecure external calls, your banner will be shown broken. In that case, you should either change that request in your own file, or you can force Adpiler to use HTTP for your preview page.

Do I need a SSL-certificate?

No. Even if you use your own custom domain (like, we will take care of generating and using the right SSL certificate for you.

How to force to use HTTPS or HTTP?

Old accounts use HTTP by default. New accounts will use HTTPS by default. If you want to change, simply go to White-labels and add or as the custom subdomain you’d like to use. Same goes if you use your own domain.
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