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How is 'Scale to fit' working?

What is Scale to fit?

Your campaign might contain different size of files. And your client might view them on different screens and devices. Scale to fit will automatically resize the files so it will fit on the user's screen.

This come in handy when viewing files on mobile devices, but also when viewing big files on desktop screens.

Enabled by default

All files are scaled to fit by default. So the user is always able to view the full file.

You have the option to change this default setting on your account page. When logged in into the platform, click your avatar in the right top corner, and click 'Account' in the left sidebar to find the toggle for 'Scale to fit'. When disabled, the files will be shown on the preview page in its original dimensions.

How can users use this on preview page?

If there any files that are bigger than the user's screen, the user will see any of the two buttons: 'Scale to fit' or 'Original size'. The user can use these buttons to switch between those two views.

If all files fit on the user's screen, those options are hidden.

Updated on: 09/12/2021

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