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How to preview ads on websites?

Your preview page will contain the files you want to share with your client. Optionally, you can even select websites to preview your ads on.

How to add sites to preview?

During the creating of your campaign, or afterwards via Page setup, you can add sites to preview on.

Follow the steps below to add sites to preview your ads on:

Step 1: Click on button Page setup

Step 2: Find your country in the dropdown

Step 3: Select the sites to preview on

Keep in mind that your files should have the right dimensions to fit on the site, as seen in the column 'Available dimensions'

How will this appear on the preview page?

Once you have selected one or more sites on the platform, your preview page will have the tab 'Site preview' at the bottom. Simply click the tab to see the different sites with your files.
You don't see your files? Make sure you have files with dimensions that fit within the available dimensions. For a good test you mostly use a 300x250 file, which fits on most sites.

Updated on: 10/01/2022

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